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Preventive Healthcare

Preventive healthcare is key in ensuring your pet has a long and healthy life. Just as with humans, a physical exam is essential as abnormalities may be detected that an owner may not be aware of, often before they become a serious problem. Vaccinations are administered to protect your dog from diseases that have a high rate of fatality. A wellness blood profile is recommended yearly, as testing can detect an organ or blood abnormality before any physical symptoms may be observed. If a chronic disease is detected early, it can often be managed through diet and/or medication and your pet can continue to experience a high quality of life. A fecal sample is tested to assure that your pet does not have parasites, some of which can be transmitted to humans. A heartworm test is performed on dogs, and year-round medication is dispensed to prevent heartworm, parasites and flea infestation. It is necessary for yearly protection as mosquito season is no longer six months of the year, and parasites can be in the environment constantly. A complete urinalysis is recommended to check for blood, sugar or proteins, as well as checking the concentration and sediment for infection, malignant cells or kidney disease.

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